Unconventional Features

Unconventional Features

Hosting an exceptional event takes unconventional features, which is why ours will not only compliment your next event but will take it to the next level. See how our features can help make your event one to remember.



Meetings happen in places all over the country but in Cleveland, our Center lives and breathes green. We welcome you to experience our comprehensive sustainability plan supported by an eco-friendly design. Check out some environment-friendly initiatives below:

  • Grind2Energy Program: An onsite food waste recycling program which enables food waste to be converted into energy, natural gas, electricity, and fertilizer.
  • Water Re-Fill Stations: To help reduce the use of plastic bottles, our strategically placed water stations have replaced 21,000 bottles annually.
  • Lighting: A control system that uses daylight harvesting by taking advantage of the extensive natural light.
  • Green Rooftop: Creating a 14-acre park above our Center and in the middle of downtown Cleveland.


The Real Farmville

Managed by our exclusive food and beverage provider, Levy Convention Centers, The Real Farmville provides an acre of fresh produce, honey, herbs and vegetables used in menu items daily.

From beehives producing honey used in dressings and desserts to two dozen chickens sourcing eggs and produce, The Real Farmville gives farm-to-table a whole new meaning.

Did we mention the livestock pets and seasonal greens? Stop by to say hello to the friendly goats, Chevy, Emma, and Bri! Explore farm photos here.



As a gigabit-rated center that’s ranked among the most technologically advanced convention centers in the world, we offer an all-encompassing technology package! With a network capable of hosting over 15,000 devices simultaneously at speeds of 1 billion bits per second, redundant Cisco core network components, substantial infrastructure, streaming and video conferencing capabilities, and many more tech features, utilizing advanced or modern event technology will never be more convenient.


  • Data/telecommunication services on every fixed wall and/or floor pocket every 30 feet within the exhibit halls
  • Wireless Network 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Over 4,600 CAT 6 Copper UTP ports
  • Over 850 Multi-mode F/O ports
  • Over 400 Single-mode F/O ports
  • Telecommunication conferencing capabilities in all areas
  • Redundant 100 Mbps ISP pipes that can be throttled up
  • Redundant Cisco core network components (routers, core switches, firewalls)
  • All systems on battery backup systems as well as emergency building power

Internet Access:

  • Over 1 Gbps (gigabits per second) of bandwidth running on a redundant Cisco ethernet infrastructure
  • Capable of hosting over 15,000 devices simultaneously
  • The ability to support as many IP (public/private) addresses as required
  • Redundant DHCP and DNS servers


Learn more about our tech-features here.


The Cleveland Convention Art Gallery

When you come to our center, we want you to know that you’re in Cleveland. To accomplish this cultural presence, we decided it was time to work with a local art consultant who could help bring out the CLE in Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland! The Cleveland Convention Art Gallery is an exhibition space for local/regional artists, and the artwork displayed is intended to honor the broad diversity, history, and community growth. The gallery opened its first exhibition in summer 2018, titled “A Conversation in Metal and Canvas” and featuring the sculpture of David Deming and the paintings on canvas by Samuel Roth.

The gallery is located on the concourse level and is free/open to the public. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., but are subject to the facility’s convention, trade show, and meeting schedule.