Keys to Convenience

Keys to Convenient Conventions

Conventions need convenience, and we’ve got the keys. With flexible space, high-tech features compatible with advanced event technology, a central downtown location, and accessible onsite amenities, the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is a convenient solution for modern events. Use our keys to start planning!

Flexible Space

Have you noticed that expectations seem to keep escalating every year? The need for a unique and interactive event experience is no longer a desire, but a necessity. Having a flexible space that can be designed in a variety of ways is the key foundation for producing a modern event that will keep attendees on their toes. Our 410,000 square feet of flexible space conveniently gives planners the keys to creating an experience that exceeds today’s expectations.

High-Tech Features

As a gigabit-rated center that’s ranked among the most technologically advanced convention centers in the world, we offer an all-encompassing technology package! With a network capable of hosting over 15,000 devices simultaneously at speeds of 1 billion bits per second, redundant Cisco core network components, substantial infrastructure, streaming and video conferencing capabilities, and many more tech features, configuring advanced event technology with our network and features will never be more convenient.


During those 15-minute breaks, attendees may have unexpected needs or cravings. That’s why we have so many convenient onsite amenities that provide a cost-effective and walkable solution. Whether your attendees are craving a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks, have business needs that require our onsite UPS Store, are a nursing mother in need of our Mamava Pods, or even want a shoe shine, attendees can meet these needs using our onsite amenities.


Accessibility and location are key elements to consider when selecting a venue. Conveniently, our center is connected to the 600-room Hilton Cleveland Downtown and has a central downtown location surrounded by roughly 5,000 hotel rooms, over 200 exceptional restaurants/dining options, sports stadiums, the second largest theater district in the U.S., the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, and the naturesque Lake Erie – so planning unique, offsite activities comes with ease.

Next time you’re selecting an event venue, why not choose the most convenient option? Start planning today!